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Pro / E in the drag and drop Pro / ENGINEER allows the files from the browser, the other Pro / ENGINEER and Wind-chill solutions to move the process to the graphics window and the Model Tree. When the file is dragged to an acceptable target, the pointer changes, indicating that the object can be placed here.

Graphics window Pro / ENGINEER files from the embedded Web browser, standalone browser or file manager in the graphics window .When you activate the “Folder Navigator”, you can drag Pro / ENGINEER element from the embedded Web browser, and place it in the graphics window. Element in the open in a separate window, unless it is placed in the active component. By default, the components are placed in the assembly, Pro / ENGINEER attempts to automatically place the element. If you can not automatically assemble components, will open the “element placement” (Component Placement) dialog box, select the reference for, and constraints in the component parts. If you want to select the element or assembled in the new window open, set the configuration option auto place single component to no. After setting no, it will open the “Confirm Retrieval” (Confirm Retrieval) dialog box is displayed to open or added to the component elements in a separate window.

Model Tree can drag and drop the component “model tree” in. If the component is already open, the elements did not lay down in it. To place components from the “tree model” shortcut menu, click “Edit Definition” (Edit Definition). Search Navigator If you are connecting to the Wind-chill server, lists the files in the embedded Web browser.

Set on Pro / E working path is very important for the beginning of the use of Pro / E of friends is particularly important. Because Pro / E default boot path is in the Pro / E installation path BIN folder, and that there is a Pro / E the most important commands. If you do not set the working path, with the progress of the work, we will direct the part file and the corresponding Trail files are saved in this folder, to manage files brought great trouble.

Best Embedded System Training Institute In Chandigarh

Teaching target computer, electronics, and other professional information microprocessors and embedded real-time operating system as an example to introduce teaching, practice and assessment courses.

Courses can be combined with or replaced by a microprocessor computer architecture, computer theory and interface programs to ARM or other microprocessor, for example, introduces the architecture of the microprocessor, including the pin characteristics, internal register structure, memory organization, interrupt processing mode, this part of the practice is mainly to guide students to observe the changes in the use of the emulator debugger CPU, detection registers, memory values. Then introduced the microprocessor instruction set and assembler programming, including memory load, various command functions, storage and loading of data, stack operation, this part of the practice is to verify the command functions, writing assembler, debugger, verification procedures Features.

Then introduce microprocessor interface and peripheral circuit design, including the CPU bus, DMA, IO control, timers, real-time clock working principle and control, as well as serial, parallel, USB, LCD, touch screen and keyboard and other common interfaces design and driving, this part of the main practice is a combination of circuit design, design a complete embedded hardware platform, system boards and the resources to verify and onboard drive, BSP and BootLoader preparation of transplantation. Pay attention to the teaching of the above specific microprocessor come out from the general, so that students can quickly become familiar after other microprocessor architectures, instruction system and interface control. Embedded operating system is the soul of embedded systems, embedded systems reason is growing so fast, not unrelated embedded operating system.

Embedded operating system than the PC, general and small-scale mainframe operating systems, real-time requirements, function is relatively simple, but its application flexibility, can be freely cropped depending on the application. Common embedded operating system μC OS-Ⅱ, WinCE, Linux and VxWorks, among μC OS-Ⅱ, Linux is open source, and VxWorks, WinCE is commercial in nature. The main purpose of teaching embedded operating system is to enable students to master the basic theory of the embedded operating system, can be embedded operating system migration and peripheral drivers, depending on the hardware platform and application development.

Teaching content embedded operating system with Linux as an example the proposal, first introduces the basic concepts of operating systems, algorithms, principles, a detailed analysis of the Linux source code, including process management, memory management, file system management, equipment management, system initialization, the focus Introduction Linux process scheduling, interprocess communication, memory management, and IO-driven mechanism, so that students have the ability to crop and peripheral transplant Linux driver development. Embedded operating system and basic theoretical knowledge grafts more, its practical aspects reflected in the specific application, such as an embedded operating system, tailoring transplant, the establishment of cross-compiler environment, Embedded Linux application development and compiler technology and Embedded Linux basic driving principle of their realization. Assessment is a measure of the quality of teaching and reflect student mastery of course.

Best Asp. Net Training Institute in Chandigarh programmers developing applications that involve a change from the default controls, a form name to use String Builder class helps programmers to adapt as soon as possible a .NET environment.

when using Visual Studio .NET, in addition to objects directly or by reference, do not use the default name of one of the benefits of .NET brings is all the source code and configuration files are plain text files, can use Notepad WordPad, etc. or any text editor to edit. If not, we do not have to use Visual Studio .NET as their integrated development environment. But using Visual Studio .NET, we can see the file in the Windows File Manager, or browse the contents of files from a text editor outside of Visual Studio .NET.

As with Visual Studio .NET integrated development environment has many benefits, the most significant benefit is that it greatly improves production efficiency. Use Visual Studio NET; we are able to develop software. In the case of a small price to pay faster. As part of the integrated development environment provides automatic IntelliSense code completion, help provide dynamic input method or function, real-time syntax error tips, and other features can increase productivity. Like other sophisticated tools, as in learning how to fully play its role and control their “habits” before, Visual Studio .NET also make us generate a sense of frustration. Sometimes it is difficult to understand as a black box, will generate a large number of documents and much useless code.

A feature of Visual Studio .NET, whether it is class, controls, or form object, which can provide a default name for the new object.

We can change the ASPX file name and program code used in the browser, but the Web page class name will still be WebForm1. If you generate a button on the Web form, the default name will be Button1. In fact, the names of all the controls are the controls of the type and numbers. We can and should the application forms and the names of all the controls are modified into meaningful names.For smaller demonstration of the procedure, the default name also can be competent, but if the application consists of multiple forms, with many buttons and labels on each form, like form Start-up, form Data Entry and from Reports this form name than Form1, Form2 and Form3 such names easier to understand and maintain.

If you want to reference controls on a form elsewhere in the code, it has a meaningful name is even more important. bunko, such names btnCancel and btnPrint make people look at the code easier to understand, therefore, than the name for the Button1, Button2, Button3 such controls more easy to maintain.A good way to modify the name of all the files in a project appears that, in the Visual Studio.NET menu, select “Edit” -> “find and replace” -> “Replace” command.

Best Java Training Institute in Chandigarh

Java language including the realization of grammar rules and syntax rules. Sun’s Java language has its own copy of the reference implementation: JDK. . a programming language: the language that is the essence of the rule: the character set, lexical rules, syntax rules (conditional statements, loops, etc.); desktop applications: have a graphical user interface software; server applications: access via a web browser; b Development environments: development process, whether it is a desktop application or server applications require JDK support. c application environment: application-oriented, rather than developing the system program or hardware programming, for example, drive is the system programs, system programs generally use c language d deployment environment: the need to deploy server applications running on the server application, the server itself is a Java program written in the Java language runtime server application deployment also needs to support the Java language, the java code is labeled as a package, deployed to the server process called deployment environment V. Why invention Java? Why invented the java, In other words, java What are the advantages of it? . a environment provides an explanation —– “JVM  to accelerate the development: Java originally aimed at developing suitable for consumer electronic devices on the intelligent software, which is based on the C ++ language, but made simplification, can accelerate software development Process compile once, run anywhere: Cross-Platform multi-threading: Multi-threaded programming simplicity is becoming popular server-side Java development language, one of the main reasons  support dynamic updates: replacement software code file is updated b. provide a relatively easy way Programming  more robust: no pointers, no memory management; a pure object-oriented programming: that everything in Java are objects, objects have properties and change the way property values. By Java programming around the building object template, instantiate the object, call the object’s methods and properties to perform. c. So how to achieve the above that? JVM virtual machine environment provides an explanation, let java code can run. Garbage collection mechanism allows programmers without the need for memory management code. Code security checking to ensure the safety of java code. Six understanding of the features of the Java virtual machine; Jvm what is? Acronym java virtual machine (java virtual machine), is to use software to simulate a virtual environment. We prepared using java source code through the compiler generates bytecode file later, Jvm environment provides an explanation to run java bytecode files, as long as on different operating systems installed jvm, will be able to be interpreted with a java program run, this java cross-platform, compile once, run anywhere. Seven describe the concept of garbage collection; what garbage collection: 1) Garbage: useless objects occupy memory space; garbage collection: the useless objects occupy memory space in the process of recovery; why garbage collection?  object creation, take up memory space, in a program is running to create an unlimited number of objects, if the object permanently occupy memory, the memory will soon consume rather than light, causing subsequent objects can not be created or there is insufficient memory error. Therefore, measures must be taken promptly reclaim the memory of those useless objects, thus ensuring that the memory can be reused. C ++ and other procedures by the programmer display memory is released, so it is possible to: c: malloc () free () c ++: new delete 1) forget about memory release, pour cause endless memory footprint; release of the core libraries occupy memory, causing the system to crash down; Java garbage collection process: by the virtual machine automatically done through a system-level garbage collector thread will not forget and will not release the wrong, the system more stable; Java garbage collection process characteristics:

1) by a virtual machine by the garbage collector thread automatically;

2) only when the object is no longer being used, its memory is likely to be recovered; if the virtual machine that the system does not require additional memory, Even if the object is no longer used, the memory

3) program to force the garbage collector can not display immediately garbage collection, you can java.lang.System.gc () / java.lang.Runtime.gc () recommend virtual machine to be recovered;

4) garbage collector thread before releasing useless objects occupy memory will first call the object’s finalize () method. If the method is called and the time is called extremely unreliable. Rewriting is not recommended.

5) java.lang.Systemic () or java.lang.Runtime.gc () are only used to notify the system should handle java garbage collection garbage processing algorithms:1) Mark cleaning method , 2) memory move method set forth eight Java platform code security implementation strategy; Java Virtual Machine Java program provides the run time environment, one important task is the management class, management class loading, connectivity and initialization;

1) Load: to find and load the class of binary files (class file), placing it in memory.

2) connection: a validation: ensure the correctness of the class is loaded (with the correct internal structure and coherence with other classes);

Best Oracle Training Institute in Chandigarh

ORACLE, second only to Microsoft the world’s second largest software company ORACLE, although very large, but the reputation like Microsoft, IBM, as a prominent, many non-computer professional school students do not know what Oracle is the thing. In fact, oracle has become the world’s largest supplier of rdbms, and is the world’s leading supplier of information processing software. Then, Oracle is a huge brand system. As mentioned earlier, Oracle first introduced the world not only a rdbms, and in fact holds the lion’s share of this market, because Oracle’s Oracle rdbms are in the name, so in a way Oracle has become the rdbms synonymous. And in recent years, Oracle has been actively expanding its business, successfully developed a number of horizontal and vertical products, such as Oracle’s own design and production of Oracle server, the face of commercial business customers trading system (oracle exchange), oracle data centre and so on.

The software makes the oracle has been widely applied to various fields, but also a big money-maker for the oracle. More common oracle software products include: · oracle financial software (oracle financial) · oracle manufacturing software (oracle manufacturing) · oracle HR software (oracle human resources) · oracle automatic control software (oracle automotive) · oracle commercial transaction system ( oracle exchange), and other application software. The software together with oracle rdbms makes oracle become a huge brand system, deep into all areas of production and life. Since the oracle has many years a variety of solutions in a variety of industries, with oracle rdbms huge server tools and application software system based on different customer environments, and this huge system is to varying degrees, at different levels for all sectors The wide range of applications. Therefore, it is possible to master certain aspects of the system and adapt continuously updated professional engineer this system is necessarily needed talent all walks of life, with good employment prospects. In fact, oracle company also recognized this, which is oracle Certified Professional –OCP (oracle certified professional) origin. Two, oracle certification kind introduction oracle certified experts –ocp, oracle company is authorized by the International Certification Center certification exam candidates performed.

Oracle product applications consultant. Wherein, oracle dba is the most popular, but also the most difficult test of a certification. The oracle’s official website, with the following description of the dba: oracle dba experts can keep up with the growing complexity of today’s system environment requirements. The best dba who are working behind the scenes, they are careful to maintain the system, so that the system can run smoothly all day, and to prevent the occurrence of unexpected disasters, such as a database crash or become hours to downtime. This difficult task requires oracle database structure and operation mode has extensive knowledge of, and there is a wealth of practical experience. Dba can best get the best operation status and to prevent their companies to stop running to find a balance in emergencies.

Oracle recommended ways to prepare the official Generally speaking, oracle exam more content, and exam questions are very detailed, very strong on the hands-on capacity requirements. Therefore, in order to have sufficient grasp of, we must be fully prepared in advance, and must focus on hands-on practice. On the official website of the recommended oracle certified route follows, reference can be made.Although the relational database is not from the principle of speaking is difficult, there are some database knowledge to master these principles and who will not spend a lot of effort, and, in general relational database software, such as sql server, using them is not complicated, But oracle absolutely unique. As the most successful relational database software, oracle implementation, management and maintenance tools are very rich, it involves many aspects of the details of the technology. Single from any one side to understand it, is hard to watch his whole picture. To really proficient in it, no two or three years of effort is not enough. Oracle of technical documentation alone, enough to drown you specifically, oracle technology includes the following main aspects: Oracle system structure and principle,

Best Android Training Institute in Chandigarh

Android system, you have to at least understand the point of the Linux kernel basis it! So before looking Android source code, Linux kernel first find some classic books and see it, show years! Behind the old law will recommend some books for everyone. In addition, we know that the Internet products, the emphasis is on rapid iteration. Android system since the first release, and now has gone through a lot of versions of it? So how should we go to select the version to read it? In general, it is to choose to read the latest version. But as there are new versions of the source code release, we are looking at the source code would become the old version.

it is to choose to read the latest version. But as there are new versions of the source code release, we are looking at the source code would become the old version. This is when the heart will be more entangled: should continue to look at old code, or go for a new version of code? When is watching soap operas, suddenly jumped in front to go, you may not know what to speak of. In fact, even if the updated version was even faster, basic things is not easily change. When we look at the code, you want to hold an object of it is to understand the frame and context. After all, for a system, it is a lot of detail, we can not put them all in a short time completely thorough grasp. But mainly we have the framework and the context of its future regardless of what it is to understand the details, you can very gently find the relevant source files, and can easily enter the topic. Frankly, for the Android system, many of the details, I do not understand. So sometimes you can see that in the back of comments on blog posts, some of the more specific questions, some students asked, I was no reply. For one thing, I do not know, and secondly, I did not have time to go and look at the code for these students to go to the expense.

Android System of the “three vertical and three horizontal” Next, the old law would describe this three horizontal and vertical lines, and give the corresponding blog post links. 1. Preparation – Preparation – dash mainly: (1) Read books to learn about the Linux kernel and Android applications to start learning the basics of Android papers (2) to build a good environment download Android source code on Ubuntu, compile and Download the latest source install Android on Ubuntu, compile and install the latest Android kernel source code (Linux Kernel) How separately compiled Android source code module production can be distributed independent of the Android emulator


Best Process Design Training Institute in Chandigarh

Pipeline design and manufacturing, provides a set of solutions from start to finish. You will get a comprehensive database related to sexual function and that they can meet all your needs. System designers as well as machinery, packaging and manufacturing engineers to accurately design, layout, recording and production of complex piping systems and can optimally design reuse.  electronic reading flow diagram, and that their information to create 3D pipeline interactively examine 3D design meets the design rules, and is consistent with the schematic Review pipeline work ability and interference instantly Benefits pipelines and coils create an isometric view of customers get:

accurately resolve schematics automatically enhances by replacing expensive physical prototypes with virtual models, reduce costs improve documentation quality.

1) Must be a ASM or TOP DOWN pipeline design environment before they can do.

2) cannot be displayed in ASM feature of the case through the trees filter control to display the definition of pipeline features two parameters (the first is the existence of an assembly to do, switch to the pipeline, as well as defining line in the design of the stack, where the details of the operation and the meaning of each parameter and defines a plurality of line stack operation)

3 Interface, Access Point concept (focus) the first is about the new coordinate system, points to the concept of the shaft, as well as starting and ending in the pipeline definitions and requirements, describe in detail the role of the coordinate system control

4 line wiring, piping design three elements have point 3, then the fourth point focuses on the operation and which skills For example: After a predetermined path some reason do not bend (line stack of original parameter settings), the direction of the Z-axis coordinate issues of each joint of the access point (the focus is on the application of the hose, configuration, and for some special Matters control problems after moving, type points) leads to

5 to complete the basic wiring concept fittings, as well as in the production of pipe joints need to pay attention, and business practices with the pipe joint. And an operation to insert the pipe joint. Angle = elbow, breaking = direct head straight, tee

6 modify pipelines and branch, application examples pipeline ready to modify and compile.

Best Structural Design Training Institute in Chandigarh

Structure design Planning, design, and construction of a construction project can be divided into three stages: planning, design and construction. Structural design involves determining the most suitable proportions of a structure and dimensioning the structural elements and details of which it is composed. This is the most highly technical and mathematical phase of a structural engineering project, but it cannot and certainly should not-be conducted without It is fully coordinated with the planning and construction phases of the project. T

he successful designer is at all times fully conscious of the various considerations that were involved in the preliminary planning for the structure and, likewise, of the various problems that may later be encountered in its construction. Structural design including to determine the optimal ratio of the size of the structure, and to determine the size and detail of the structural member. (This is the whole structure of the project in the highest technical, mathematical rigor strongest stage, but if not fully coordinated with the planning and construction phases, with, you cannot and should not be implemented. A successful design (who will always be full consideration during the initial planning of the structure involved in all kinds of conditions and problems in the construction of a future encounter. Specially, the structural design of any structure first involves the establishment of the loading, and other design conditions that must be resisted by the structure and therefore must be considered in its design.

Then comes the analysis (or computation) of the internal gross forces (thrust, shears, bending moments, and twisting moments), stress intensities, strains, deflections, and reactions produced by the loads, temperature, shrinkage, creep, or other design conditions. Finally comes the proportioning and selection of materials of the members and connections so as to resist adequately the effects produced by the design conditions.

The criteria used to judge whether particular proportions will result in the desired behaviour reflect accumulated knowledge (theory, field and model test, and practical experience, intuition, and judgment. For most common civil engineering structures such as bridges and buildings, the usual practice in the past has been to design on the basis of a comparison of allowable stress intensities with those produced by the service loadings and other design conditions. This traditional basis for design is called elastic design because the allowable stress intensities are chosen in accordance with the concept that the stress or strain corresponding to the yield point of the material should not be exceeded at the most highly stressed points of the structure. Of course, the selection of the allowable stresses may also be modified by a consideration of the possibility of failure due to fatigue, buckling, or brittle fracture or by consideration of the permissible deflections of the structure. In the structure design, should first determine the structure must withstand design loads and other conditions, they are a necessary condition for the structural design.

Then analyzed (or calculated) Total internal force (axial force, shear, moment and torque), the load, temperature, shrinkage, creep or stress the strength of some other design conditions generated by the strain, deflection and reaction force . (Finalization of each member and the size of the connector and select the material to withstand the effect produced by the design conditions. (When it is determined in some particular parts of the design meets the requirements, it is necessary to use some experiential knowledge (theoretical, field and model.



Best HVAC Training Institute in Chandigarh

Energy and Power Engineering (Refrigeration and Air Conditioning) a professional training program, training objectives of the professional training of “moral, intellectual, physical, the United States’ all-round development, with the energy and power engineering basic theory and professional knowledge, application ability and sense of innovation , to engage in refrigeration and air conditioning product development, manufacturing, engineering design, installation, operation and management, laboratory, marketing and technical management work of high-quality application-oriented engineering and technical personnel. Second, the training requirements and characteristics and training requirements:

students mainly study the basic theory and professional knowledge in the professional field, by modern engineers basic skills training, with refrigeration and air conditioning product development, manufacturing, engineering design, installation, operation and management, laboratory, marketing and technology management and other aspects of the basic ability. Graduates should acquire the following knowledge and abilities:

  1. System master the theoretical basics of the professional field, including engineering thermal physics, mechanics and automatic control theory and other aspects of basic knowledge;
  2. Master the expertise necessary Learn frontier and trends;
  3. Access to information retrieval, query data and application;
  4. access to the professional experimental skills, basic training in engineering practice, scientific research and engineering design method, with analysis of the problem, to solve the problem of professional practice Modern information technology to obtain information about the basic method, and have strong computer and foreign language proficiency;
  5. Having a strong self-learning ability, innovation consciousness and ability in basic scientific research, product and project design;
  6. With a more solid foundation of natural science, humanities and social sciences better foundation and a strong sense of social responsibility;
  7. with the professional field of self-development, lifelong learning.


Best Automation Training Institute in Chandigarh


The basic concepts that we live in a world of substances. World all substances containing the chemical and physical properties, we are by the nature of the material apparent to understand and express its own characteristics and motion characteristics of the material.

The apparent nature is what we often say that the quality, temperature, velocity, pressure, voltage, current and other physical quantities expressed in mathematical language, called the project in the amount of controlled areas. The advantage of this formulation is intuitive and easy to understand. Before electric sensor technology, the traditional instrumentation can be directly displayed physical quantity being measured, including mechanical electric meter.

The standard signal in the era of electric sensors, central control becomes possible, which requires long-distance transmission of the detection signal. But complicated physical signals directly will greatly reduce the applicability of the instrument. And mostly belong to a weak signal sensor type, long-distance transmission is prone to decay, the problem of interference. So it appears the secondary transmitter and the standard electric transmission signal. The role of secondary transmitter is to amplify the sensor signal into an electrical signal transmission line with industry standards, such as 0-5V, 0-10V or 4-20mA (which is the most used 4-20mA).

The transmitter through the zero shift and gain adjustment of the amplifier circuit can be accurately standard signal corresponding to the physical quantity is detected range, such as 0-100 ℃ -10-100 ℃ or more. This is a hardware circuit for physical mathematical transformation. This central control room instrumentation electrical drive mechanical voltmeter, ammeter can display physical measured. For different range, as long as the replacement of dial pointer behind it. Replace the dial does not affect the fundamental nature of the instrument, which gives the instrument standardization, versatility and large-scale production brings immeasurable benefits.

The digital instrument to the digital age, pointer display table into a more intuitive, more accurate digital display. In the digital meter, this display is actually in a way purely mathematical inverse transformation of standard signals, you become accustomed to the physical expression. This transformation is to rely on software to do the math. These operations may be linear equation; it may be non-linear equations, now the computer for these operations is easy.

Converting the signal conversion problems in mathematics signals need to go through the following process: physical – sensor signals – standard electrical -A / D conversion – numeric display. Disclaimer: For simplicity, we are discussing here is linear signal conversion. Meanwhile skip signal conversion process sensor. Physical assumed as A, that is, the range A0-Am, the real-time physical quantity X; standard electrical signal is the B0-Bm, real time an electric signal is Y; A / D converted value is C0-Cm, the real-time value of Z.

So, B0 corresponds to A0, Bm corresponding to Am, Y corresponds to the X, and Y = f (X). Since a linear relationship is obtained equations Y = (Bm-B0) * (X-A0) / (Am-A0) + B0. Also, because a linear relationship, through mathematical equation Z A / D converted = f (X) can be expressed as Z = (Cm-C0) * (X-A0) / (Am-A0) + C0. Then it is easy to see that the inverse transform is the mathematical equation X = (Am-A0) * (Z-C0) / (Cm-C0) + A0. Calculated from the equation X can be directly expressed as a physical quantity to be detected on the display.