Admission Rules and Exams

52019476Admission rules are specific to each department, however there are common requirements for each study field. That is the certificate with detailed grades for each discipline followed at the former institution.

Most of the humanities branches ask general languages knowledge and good grading at those disciplines in the years prior to college.

The social sciences demand for good qualifications in basics of psychology and mathematics. They also have several tests specific to each branch.

Political sciences deans look at good social skills in the students interviews, but also analyze history and mathematics results.

Natural sciences have special tests with basic knowledge in animal and human biology, chemistry and physics for beginners. They also look at the results of these disciplines in the prior years of study.

Formal science is the place for mathematics enthusiasts with excellent grades in these study fields. Tutors teaching these classes give complicated tests to see the abilities of their future students beforehand.

The artistic education teachers test closely the abilities of their future students with many practical tests for the visual artists, followed by a portfolio interview. The music tutors look at the quality of the interpretation and nuances of the melody that students play either by voice or with the help of an instrument.

More information is available to the public about the admission methods at the two annual jobs fairs, the musical representations and the art exhibitions happening at the end of each semester. Apart from these two events, the college has an open doors festival, where teachers and students answer to many questions about the admission, the courses or the study atmosphere around the campus. The date for this event will be communicate each year, as it is does not start on a fixed day. It usually happens in spring and lasts for a whole week.