Facilities at the College

gncew_buildingGuru Nanak College Campus in Chenai is fully equipped with all the didactic material, scientific labs, lecture theatres, rehearsal rooms for the musical department and painting and computer labs for the visual artists. The campus around the college is designed to fulfill all the requests of the student, and to keep them interested in the study and different activities around it.

The campus has a big library common to all the college, but divided by departments. Those interested by a certain topic in another area of study are more than welcomed to improve their general knowledge or deal with interdisciplinary, the research strategy that crosses the boundaries of disciplines to create a holistic approach. Also, teachers have offices in the campus and are available for student talks and guidance according to their schedule.

The cafeteria and restaurant area has affordable foods and beverages for the pockets of the students. With the student union card, anyone can have a substantial discount at the daily menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

There is a sports centre dedicated to the owners of the student card. They can practice any sport they want, both individual or in teams, to keep themselves in shape. The college has a team for most of the sportive activities and competes regularly with other colleges in both the country and international.

The student union card can be obtained at the beginning of the year, and each semester a small fee will be paid by each individual in order to enjoy different discounts and free entrances at the events in the college.

Accommodation is available to all the students, however the number of the places is limited. Selection is made according to the grades and results at study, but also by extracurricular participation in the sports activities and student card ownership.