Get a Job after Graduation

10479210Many professionals in the industries associated with the study courses available at the Guru Nanak College in Chenai have signed agreements, with the help of which they can hold lectures, lead and guide students during their study time in the college but also after graduation. Many of the graduates involved in the study groups lead by professionals have started working in the organizations their supervisor originated.

Almost 85 per cent of the departments have such an agreement. There exist also happy scenarios in which the teacher of one discipline is also a working professional. The best students who get a higher stature in the eyes of the teachers are invited to internships in the companies for which they work.

The college facilitates the introduction of students in the workforce also with the two annual jobs fairs: the art exhibitions and the musical representations happening at the end of each semester. These two events have gained notoriety amongst the companies in the industry, and the industry visitors recruit annually more than 30 per cent of the graduates. There are cases where former students have returned to recruit fresh graduates, or when they have found work placement for their friends in the firsts years of study.

This system of cooperation with the industry has been perfected over the years to become an accessible gate to every graduates of the college. This includes the newly designed portal that will soon appear on this website, where jobs will be listed for the ones interested. At present, there is a board in the main university hall, next to the directory, where students are kept informed about part time jobs and post graduation opportunities, but the aim in the future is to make it accessible online. The computer science department is currently working on it. Stay tuned!