Get the Finest Education

images-1On this website, you will find which are the day and evening courses taught at Guru Nanak College and all the information about life at the campus for students and teachers. You can read about important insight on the admission exams, the facilities of the college, but also the opportunities available to study and work abroad with exchange programs and how to find a job after graduation.

The offer of the college involves day, evening and distance courses. The branches of the college cover almost all the disciplines: humanities, social, natural and formal sciences and arts, both musical and visual.

The sections for students and teachers describe in detail the student union system and the chances of continuous education for teachers and their assistants. The college magazine is specified, together with the collective meetings for students and teachers that happen around it.

General admission rules and exams for each department are highlighted in the designate section. For the registrants that passes this step, it is available a description of the facilities in the campus and the partnerships with specialists in the industry that work together with the students at the college.

The college has developed a strong network with the Erasmus study and work exchange program. The best students can apply and spend one semester or a whole study year in one of the partner institutions.

Over the years, the college has built a strong network link with many specialists in the industry that work together with the students to prepare them earlier for tasks in the professional life. A good percentage of the graduates at Guru Nanak College find work placement straight after the ceremony.