The evening courses are available to all the students with less time, professionals with a day job or other people that seek out to increase their educational level in any department they choose. The study material are the same as for the day courses, just that they are not learned and explained entirely in class, as the pace of this study method is slower. These courses have half the involvement of the teaching staff. Classes start each evening at 6 pm and last until 9 pm. The program on weekends lasts all day long.

For the students living in different locations, there is an online portal, where they can study the domain of interest in front of the computer. Books and videos are available to download and study at any convenient time. Tasks are sent with the portal, and they have to be solved within a certain time, after the consultation of the teaching material. Exams happen at the end of each course. The method is very simple: it is a timed task; from the minute the students start the exam questions will appear on the screen and disappear when the time has expired.

These methods of study in the evenings or at distance might be suitable for women with children or other social categories that are busy with other activities during the day. A certificate will be awarded to each graduate; however, the state of its study pace will be highlighted.

All the courses described in the ‘Information about Day Courses’ are available to study as evening courses. Some of the heads on the artistic department might not be agree to take many students. It all depends on the interest given by the scholars.

Artistic education does not take part in the distance course, as there is no method available yet to measure and follow the improvement of the skills and dexterity.