Section For Students

home_rotate_01After receiving the official admission letter, this is the page students will use the most to be updated with the latest news, events and student union meetings and shifts in their management. At the beginning of each study year there is a big meeting in the atrium of the college, where each new student is encouraged to participate and see the presentation of the student card and the facilities it brings. Two months into the school year, elections take place. They are for the new student union chief and authority for each branch it needs to function: secretary, public relations, economist, responsible with the cards printing and party and events organizers.

New students have to know about the events that happen with regularity at Guru Nanak College. One example is the student magazine that is printed each Monday morning. One column in the publication states all the activities that will happen the following week in the university and in the campus area at each department. That is the best way to keep students informed and involved in the activities of the college. Any student can write a column on an interesting topic and be read by his colleagues. Also, anyone can get involved in the arrangement and publication of the magazine. One of the reporters spots a new student each week, and presents facts about him or her in that week’s column. This is a common tactic to make friends around the campus.

College meetings happen in the last Wednesday of each month in the atrium. All staff and the majority of students are expected to attend, as this meeting is a platform for raising issues and problems and staying informed about the latest news in the college. Student representatives from the union expect to receive words about issues and problems in advance, but they can also be communicated at sight.