Section For Teachers

hgih-school-teachersGuru Nanak College in Chenai offers a variety of seminars and courses for the teachers and their assistants. It is desired to keep the staff informed and trained with the latest trends. Everyone in the staff is treated equally and has the same opportunity as the others. The rector and the staff around him are constantly searching new national and international trainings each year. The teachers here have followed many improving programs, conferences and meetings in the past years. There is a strong desire that this trend becomes tradition and that every person in the staff has at least one participant at a national and international event.

Different grants are available for teachers, or mixed groups of teachers and students to attend important events in the industry. Such opportunities will appear immediately at the boards of each department and the heads in charge will communicate all the rules to their students.

Teachers are organized in councils that take care of each segment in the process. There is the rector group, the decision making boards, with participants from each department, and education, research, collaboration and work environment councils.

Meetings happen in the first Tuesday of each month, and the results or the changes are published in the school magazine each Monday and the college meeting, in the last Wednesday of each month. All the staff present in the meeting has the responsibility to keep the students informed with the latest boards decisions, but also has to communicate and bring to the boards recurrent problems in the facilities around the college or any others important issues.

There is a constant search for improvement of the work environment. The college regularly attracts funds from the government or private institutions in the country and abroad to offer the latest materials and facilities for his students.