Study and Work Exchange Programs

iStock_000006064678MediumStudents enrolled in the college programs at Guru Nanak College are eligible to take part in the study and work exchange programs abroad. There are many partnerships with other colleges and universities all around the world, where students can find similar study programs to follow for one or two semesters. The foreign exchange program involves first preselecting on the grade system, the second step being the examination of the documents submitted at the secretary of the dean’s office.

The study program is accessible starting with the second year of study, after the student has decided about the specialization that he wants to follow. The aim here is to increase the understanding, cooperation and tolerance with other cultures, improving foreign language skills and developing international social skills. The credits gained at the hosted university will be transferred at the originating college with official paperwork. Exchange students are guided by the teachers at the host university and encouraged to study as many disciplines as possible and keep in contact with the student there.

Students will get a sponsorship from the exchange program portal, Erasmus. It is set in agreement with the local government that analyses the living costs in the country of origin. It should cover the accommodation costs in the campus, basic material costs, necessary for the chosen program and all the meals.

Erasmus also sponsors the work exchange program. It is a version of work and travel that enables students to find work placement abroad according to their study field, in the summer break. The payment is made before, on the Erasmus portal, so that the student can find accommodation. Depending on the work field, some might have it included. Students have to ask about all these details when they subscribe for the program.

Erasmus also works in reverse, the Guru Nanak College is the host to many international students that choose to have their exchange semester or year here. These students are to be spotted around the campus and at classes.