The world around us and it’s chemistry

The world as we know it would not be the same if there weren’t the ingredients that we need to live and function in our everyday tasks and work. Everything around us is based on different chemicals. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the things we need to survive are all chemicals. But the real type of magical chemistry is in the household. If you think about it most of the consumer goods, designed particularly to assist cleaning, pest control and general hygiene purposes are all different chemical compound designed to help us without us truly having a degree in chemistry.

shutterstock_302885186Toxic effects when swallowed

Of course, we have to have some sort of rational thinking to use this kind of chemicals because they can cause serious harm to our health. Not that you have to have a Bachelor in chemistry to be aware that you should not swallow that bottle of detergent or that machine oil that stays in the garage just in case. In general chemistry is dangerous science and should be taken seriously even from grown people and professionals. The death rate from household chemicals is growing, and chemicals found in the home are connected to different illnesses.

The future is now

Every day, new chemical compounds are discovered and invented after which they enter our household and through it the environment. Chemical awareness is something we need to teach our children so that they should not be the subjects of our indirect chemical experiments and suffer for it. We need to take care of the future to ensure the safety of our species. Not that there are no fun aspects of chemistry in our everyday life like making soap bubbles and volcano for the school project. In general, chemistry is always fun, but be aware how you use it.