Top 5 Greatest Chemists Of All Time

Someone may ask, “What is chemistry?” Well, chemistry is a branch of science that is concerned with the study of matter, the properties of matter and the why and how substances combine and separate the way they do. To understand the great works of chemists in general, we must first understand the origin of chemistry. The origin of chemistry is closely related to alchemy. Alchemy is a philosophical tradition that was practiced throughout Egypt, Europe and Asia. Its aim was to purify, mature and perfect certain objects such as the transmutation base metals e.g. lead.

shutterstock_212209804Who are the greatest top 5 chemists?

Have you ever wondered who might be the top five greatest minds in chemistry? If so, who are they? What did they do that qualifies them to be one of the greatest chemists of all time? most of all, what is their contribution to modern chemistry or a bachelor in chemistry? The following composes of the top 5 chemists of all time based on their achievements and impacts on modern society; Dmitri Mendeleev Antoine Lavoisier Louis Pasteur Linus Pauling and Marie Curie However, the list does not by any way mean that there are no other greater chemists but rather it’s an overview of possibly the top five greatest chemists.

The chemists contributions to modern chemistry respectively.

Dmitri Mendeleev is highly regarded for his formation of the periodic table which is core to the study of elements. He is sometimes referred to as the father of the periodic table. Similarly, Antoine Lavoisier is greatly regarded for his discovery of the role oxygen in combustion. He acknowledged and named hydrogen (1783) and oxygen (1778) and refuted the phlogiston theory. Louis Pasteur developed a vaccination for rabies and anthrax and came up with pasteurization while Linus Pauling was one of the founders of the fields of quantum chemistry and molecular biology and Marie Curie is regarded for her work on radioactivity and the discovery of radium and polonium.