Top Chemistry Universities In The World

Chemistry is a branch of science – the study of matter and its properties. Pharmacist and doctor are professions, which require rich knowledge in chemistry, but in fact, chemistry plays a role in each one of our lives and in almost every other profession as well. There are different branches of study such as biochemistry, physical chemistry, organic and inorganic chemistry as well as analytical chemistry. Chemists are important to the world because they ensure safety with the food we eat, and in fact, food chemistry, environmental chemistry and agricultural chemistry-all work together to make the world a better place for everyone.

shutterstock_329432669A Top Career from top Universities

A bachelor in chemistry is going to open up a world of exciting opportunities. You can find the world’s top universities for chemistry with the QS World University Rankings. The University of California is a top chemistry university, which was founded in 1868. The university is divided into different colleges and schools, including the highly ranked College of Chemistry. The Nanyang Technological University in Singapore is another top chemistry university, which is regarded as one of the top 3 universities in Asia. This university is also organised into different colleges and schools, and the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences offers disciplines in Chemistry among others.

Solving the World’s many Problems

Chemistry graduates at these top universities may use their knowledge to do research, based in a university setting, combining research with teaching. Then again, many chemistry careers in research are based in laboratories. Many people consider chemistry as essentially confined to a laboratory, but not at all. The scope is limitless, from a chemistry career in pharmaceuticals to careers in chemical engineering, health care and much more. The Chemistry major is going to enable you to solve quite a few of the world’s problems as you glean knowledge in the areas of quantum chemistry, chemical kinetics and much more.