Why You Should Get A Bachelor In Chemistry

When ancient people started extracting metals from ores or gathering plant, to later use them for medicine, and extract their chemicals for perfumes, they didn’t know that they would set the basis for chemistry to become a vital part of our lives. As early as 1 000 BC civilizations used different technologies, that will later become various branches of the science we know as chemistry today. One of the first metals to be mined by humans was gold. Since ancient times, people always had fascination about gold and searched many ways to provide more and more of the material.

shutterstock_322807478The middle ages and mystery

In the middle ages scientists started researching more into the chemical elements and what they represent. During this period, peoples fascination to gold did not perish. Many of the medieval alchemists wanted, to find a way to make gold out of other materials. The middle ages where defined by the strive to find the “philosopher’s stone”. The quest of people to find easier way to make gold, actually made todays chemistry possible. Even if the people then did not have a bachelor in chemistry, they made it possible so today you can continue their legacy.

So why chemistry?

So the question is why bachelor in chemistry? Chemistry is used in every part of our lives. Everything around us is made from different elements. Choosing chemistry as subject for your studies will ensure that you will be a part of the future. Chemistry can help with environmental problems, or find better products to use in our daily life. The science is constantly evolving and you will have lots of career opportunities. If your biggest desire is to help people, then you have to know that chemistry is vital part of pharmacy. And last but not least let’s not forget that chemistry is extremely fun.